Sunday, 11 March 2018

Support Ex Carillion staff at British Museum

Support Ex Carillion staff at British Museum
12.30-1.30 pm British Museum 
Great Russell St WC1B 3DG
Speaker: Mark Serwotka General Secretary PCS

* Tell British Museum it is time to talk
* Bring staff back in house
* Protect our jobs, pensions, terms & conditions
* End privatisation

The collapse of Carillion in January putting at threat 20,000 jobs many providing public services has proved right all those who argued that privatisation isn't working! It is tax payers who have paid for the millions that go in profits to these multinationals in our public services, and it is us who has to pick up the bill when they go bust.

Five years ago staff at British Museum took action to protest against being privatised. Carillion was the company that took over now leaving them high and dry!

Since the bankruptcy was announced staff are still keeping the museum services going. But no one can guarantee their jobs, their terms & conditions or their future. 

New Director Hartwig Fischer has said he can’t meet staff or unions. But Councils round the country have agreed to bring services provided by Carillion back in-house to keep them running. 

It is now urgent the British Museum at least meet to discuss our future. Many staff have worked here for 20 years and the museum can’t function without them.  PCS are demanding an immediate meeting with the Director and urgent talks to protect staff and to bring them back in house. 

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As London Green Party Trade Union Liaison Officer, I send the support of the Green Party Trade Union group to the ex-Carillion staff who have been subjected to insecurity and uncertainty through no fault of their own, their struggle for jobs, their terms & conditions and their future., is fully justified and we wish them every success.


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