Monday, 5 March 2018

Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group Anti-fracking motion

Dear all,

Following discussions at the recent meetings of the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group, we've produced a model motion for union branches / trades councils to argue against fracking.

Please let us know if it is passed, or if you would like a speaker at your event - we may be able to get local activists to help move the motion, or take part in local discussions, debates etc.

Many thanks,


Martin Empson
Treasurer, Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group
079 585 35231

Anti-fracking motion

This union branch / Trades Council notes that:
·         2017 was the hottest non-El NiƱo year on record. The UK is nonetheless failing to meet its legal obligations under the Climate Change Act to cut CO2 emissions by at least 57% by 2030 and its own independent adviser, the Committee on Climate Change, believes significant hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is incompatible with UK climate targets.
·         The government’s latest Business & EnergyDepartment survey shows UK popular support for fracking is only 16%, and that determined community campaigns against fracking emerge wherever wells are planned.
·         To counter local opposition, government intends to centralise fracking planning decisions. 
·         In countries where fracking has taken place it has been accompanied by water and air pollution (including methane hotspots from fugitive emissions visible to Nasa scientists from space), health problems and birth defects; it is not safe for fracking workers. 
·         Fracking is opposed by Unite, Unison, PCS, Prospect, Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Universities & Colleges Union (UCU), and others, to tackle climate change, move away from fossil fuel, and protect the environment. Unions have taken on board fracking’s serious worker safety issues as well as its climate impact, and are skeptical of the industry’s promised jobs bonanza.Where anti-fracking campaigners have worked with individual trade unions and created trade union solidarity events, both parties have enjoyed increased solidarity. 
·         The Conservative Party is the only mainstream political party to support fracking.

This union branch / Trades Council believes:
·         Fracking is incompatible with climate targets, good health and clean water. 
·         The government must create a national climate jobs service to slow global warming and tackle local pollution, as outlined in the One Million Climate Jobs (OMCJ) pamphlet and campaign, backed by Bfawu, CWU, FBU, UCU, NUS, TSSA, PCS and Unite the Union.

This union branch / Trades Council resolves:·        
To actively and financially support the fight against fracking and other forms of unconventional gas and oil extraction.
·         To encourage members to take part in protests against fracking and for a sustainable energy policy.
·         To highlight the issue of climate change & environmental destruction to our members and promote alternatives. 
·         To support the OMCJ campaign and the TUC’s lobby for a Just Transition for workers affected by the industrial changes necessary to develop an environmentally sustainable future, as outlined in its 2017 policy on climate change.

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