Friday, 23 February 2018

Welcome to the latest Rising Tide Newsletter:- GET ON TRACK FOR ANTIFRACK STOP FRACKING IN THE SOUTH-EAST :

Welcome to the latest Rising Tide Newsletter:- GET ON TRACK FOR ANTIFRACK 
  When: 11am-6pm-ish, Friday, 2nd March (and Sunday 25th March).
What: South-East Anti-Fracking Site "Tour".
Where: Meet outside Dorking Station at Antifrackers banner.
ho: You! Please bring food & flask. Wear warm waterproof clothing with stout footwear (its muddy!).
How: Trains Friday from London Waterloo at 9.54am & 10.24am arrive at Dorking at 10.42am & 11.12am respectively, plus from London Victoria at 10.02am arriving at 10.50am. P
ick-up to Leith Hill , Horse Hill, Brockham, Balcombe and Broadford Bridge.

For Friday 2nd March: email NILS.RESPONSE@RISEUP.NET if you hate data harvesters ;-p.
Following the successful RisingTide/RtP Gathering these are our first bash at helping activists & residents near local sites to see how best we can support local communities in opposing the fracking threat in the South-East, throughout 2018 and beyond
 (look out for a Tour-de-Frack too). We'll visit Leith Hill Protection Camp and there may be work going on at some of the sites at the time, with a chance for optional "investigations". Any logistical problems on the day 'phone 07549-018610. If you can help with transport please let us know.

For Sunday 25th
 (similar plan but different train times)
Along with the usual Leith Hill Protection Camp Solidarity Saturday, there's a chance there could be a Public Meeting on the 24th. Maybe make a weekend of it and camp overnight at Coldharbour?


Saturday 27th April 2019, yes next year, forewarned is forearmed!
As part of the Stop New Nuclear Alliance Rising Tide are helping to organise a Mass Action at a Nuclear Power site and we hope you all can come.
That's all for now, see you on the streets.
Love Rising Tide UK,
  c/o LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, LONDON E1 1ES
 Tel: 07708 794665

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