Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Strengthen the TUC climate change motion.

Motion to UCU Congress 

We recognise that the motion on Climate Change passed at last year's TUC makes progress towards the resolution passed at UCU Congress in 2017. However, we regret that there is no mention of opposition to fracking or airport expansion. We therefore call upon the UCU NEC to continue to campaign within the trade union movement in support of all our demands.
  • Energy democracy and a rapid transition from fossil fuels including a ban on all Fracking.
  • A stop to airport expansion
  • Promotion of alternative to short-haul flights, including publicly owned rail in UK and Europe
  • A genuine commitment to reducing lethal air pollutants
  • A just transition employment strategy to climate jobs and well-paid, skilled, sustainable employment
  • Improved links between anti-war, refugee and climate campaign movements
  • Action against trade treaties that threaten climate justice
  • A Climate Justice Fund funded by wealthy nations and polluting companies.

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