Saturday, 28 October 2017

No to fascist Britain First in Bromley! Sat - November 4th


No to fascist Britain First in Bromley! Sat - November 4th

 · Hosted by Stand Up To Racism - South East Londonand Unite Against Fascism

Unite Against Fasicsm, Bromley - Disabled People Against Cuts, Stand Up To Racism - South East London, Lewisham Islamic Centre, Greenwich & Bexley Trades Council, Bromley Momentum, Bromley - Trades Council.

The fascist splinter group, Britain First are aiming to march in Bromley, on November 4th. This is due to the notorious leaders of this group having to sign on at the local police station, weekly. Golding and Fransen, the two who have to sign on, face charges resulting from their history of Islamophobic and racist provocations.
Ludicrously, they claim they are 'martys' for a cause, in reality, they are racist bigots.
Britain First split from the Nazi BNP. However, their fascist politics are clear. Only recently did they try, but fail to have a noxious, anti Semitic priest speak at one of their hate rallies.
Members interchange membership with other fascist groups and their thuggery is known. They are banned from going near mosques due to their threatening behaviour at a number of such places of worship.
Bromley people do not wish such fascists here. We ask that you support UAF's call, backed by Disabled People Against Cuts, among others, to come out and oppose such far right thugs.
Please invite freinds to this event and spread the word. The far right internationally, are growing, and in Britain, they look to emulate the likes of Le Pen and Golden Dawn, for instance. We have thus far knocked back the BNP and EDL to a mere shadow of themselves, let's stay on guard!
See you on the 4th November!

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