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Migration after Brexit

Events update 06/04/17

Migration after Brexit

Migration after Brexit: the challenge for labour standards 2017: Liverpool
27 April 2017 - 09:30 - 15:00
Unite the Union, Liverpool

This conference will cover migration policy after Brexit, both from the EU and from elsewhere in the world, and the implications of future labour migration patterns for labour standards. The speakers will bring extensive expertise to the subject, as academics, campaigners and trade unionists.
Speakers include Bernard Ryan, Gracie Bradley, Narmada Thiranagama, Alan Bogg, Owen Espley and Sonia McKay

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Free copy of Labour Migration in Hard Times for all attendees!
A collection of papers by the UK's leading experts on labour migration on the exploitation of migrant workers and the need for labour law reform.

This book takes up that argument. Calling for a rights-oriented model aimed at ensuring that the legitimate interests of all workers to employment opportunities, to fair wages, and to decent treatment at work are protected, this book offers a welcome route out of the current policy impasse.

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Full day conference and free book from just £25!

The Institute of Employment Rights is offering special discounts for our forthcoming Migration after Brexit conference in Liverpool, with 33% offour usual entry fee and 66% off for students.
General admission is now only £50, or£25 with concessions (including students and the unwaged).

At the conference, leading lawyers, academics and campaigners from across the UK discuss the risks and opportunities Brexit presents for protecting migrant workers' rights.

The debate comes at a time when three million EU citizens resident in the UK remain uncertain about their right to stay; and when the ongoing exploitation of migrant workers has been highlighted by several high profile exposes.

A Dispatches investigation recently found migrant workers are being paid just £3 an hour in the textiles industrysupplying major retailers such as New Look, River Island and BooHoo.

Today, Frank Fields - Chair of the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee - announced evidence that Uber may be deliberately taking advantage of workers who have English as a second language.

He said: "They are well aware that many, if not most, of their drivers speak English as a second language - they recently lost a court case trying to escape TfL's new English testing rules for private hire drivers - yet their contract is almost unintelligible."

Chair of the government's inquiry into the gig economy, Matthew Taylor, has also revealed evidence that employment agencies are abusing migrants' lack of knowledge of UK labour law to avoid providing holiday pay.

Attendees will have the chance to discuss these issues and more with our experts, plus hear from those at the forefront of this issue as to what risks migrant workers face and how exploitation can be prevented and mitigated.

All attendees will receive a free copy of the Institute of Employment Rights' bookLabour Migration in Hard Times – a collection of essays from some of the UK's leading experts on migration and its impact on labour standards in the context of increased hostility towards migrant labour from some sections of the public.

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