Sunday, 29 July 2018

INsecuritY An exhibition by PCS members at National Gallery

An exhibition by PCS members at National Gallery
Opening Event: Mon 30 July 6.30-8.00 pm
Exhibition: 30 July - 10 August open weekdays 7am-7pm

PCS members working for private company Securitas at National Gallery continue to fight for fairness, decent working conditions and museums and galleries that are for people not for profit. 

Stand with NG 27
NG 27 are a group of 27 artists and art lecturers who have worked regularly at the National Gallery for decades delivering education talks and courses. Having been dismissed by the Gallery with no recognition of their history of employment they are now bringing a case for unfair dismissal.

More information and to donate to raise funds so they can get justice:

Park life - Draw with us event

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Windrush Scandal is Not Over Yet

The Windrush Scandal is Not Over Yet
The government response to the scandal over the treatment of immigrants from the Caribbean has been a shambles. Our last branch meeting agreed to continue the campaign in the labour movement.
Our delegate to Ealing Trade Union Council moved the following motion which was passed and it was agreed to send it the Greater London Association of Trades Councils (GLATC). Elthorne Branch Labour Party (part of Ealing Southall CLP) also discussed  the same resolution but added calling for the repeal of the 2014 Immigration Act. If you could raise the matter in any local forum, it would be very useful.
A special issue of the Caribbean Labour Solidarity bulletin dealing with the issue can be downloaded here...
Resolution of Ealing TUC:
As part of the growing racist atmosphere, we note the recent increase in deportations, particularly of retired people from the Caribbean. We shall support and encourage campaigns against deportations both at a local and national level, working where possible with other trade unions trades councils and the TUC. We welcome the initiative from Caribbean Labour Solidarity to initiate such a campaign in London.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

THE PLAN : " This is an amazing story that needs to be told."

The crowdfunding site is now open for a new film - THE
 PLAN that came from the bottom up - about the inspiring 1970s Lucas Aerospace workers Alternative Plan to shift from arms manufacture to socially useful and environmentally
 sustainable production.

 You can watch the trailer there, see what we need the funds for and also info about this feature length film

 Please support and share it far & wide so the film can be released in October and make a contribution to sowing the seeds for many more such plans. 

Many Thanks   

 “This film will capture a unique moment in our history - highly skilled workers showing how to turn swords into ploughshares. It is a vital lesson for us now, as

 Labour leaders ask questions about common ownership, what we produce and who benefits from the products. We can be inspired by the Lucas workers, by their foresight and imagination. Please support this film, see it, promote it and
 discuss it. If we want to transform society, this is a good
 place to start.” Ken Loach, Director & Political Activist

 "Those who make nuclear submarines can perfectly well make medical equipment, wind farms and tidal barriers for
 alternative sources of energy. People can move from
 destructive to constructive work - hospitals, homes and schools - if there is political will and imagination. We need more of both right now".
 Bruce Kent, Vice President Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 

 " This is an amazing story that needs to be told. Britain still
 ploughs huge amounts of resource - both human and financial - into the arms trade, when we really should be diversifying our economy urgently. I really look forward to seeing this film - and celebrating the Lucas Plan story"
 Caroline Lucas MP, Co-Leader of the Green Party 

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Campaigning against academisation – how to turn the tide

Monday, 11 June 2018

Unsung Hero: The Jack Jones Story

TUC London, East & South East (LESE)
International Affairs Committee and Pensioners’ Network supported
Film Screening and Audience Q&A:
Unsung Hero: The Jack Jones Story

Monday 2 July 2018, 7-9.30pm

FREE ADMISSION (registration essential)

Please Register: / 020 7467 1220 

‘Unsung Hero – The Jack Jones Story’ is a documentary on one of the greatest British figures of the past century –
a man who exercised more power over government economic policy than any other trades union leader in British history.
Jones took on four of the great evils of modern times: poverty, fascism, worker exploitation and pensioner poverty - and took them on with so much conviction that at one point,
the public voted him the most powerful man in Britain. The life of Jack Jones mirrors the story of the 20th century - a man whose like we may never see again.

For your information:
World Premiere!!!
Unsung Hero – The Jack Jones Story
Friday 15 June 2018 7:30pm
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
Liverpool L1 9BP

Bromley Green Party at against Racism demo 9/6/2018

There were 15.000 fascists in Whitehall and only 200 Stand Up to Racism campaigners.

The police really protected us and helped us safely to the underground.

At Lewisham Mosque there were some excellent speeches and solidarity, but there was no opposition

Was proud to represent Bromley Green Party.


Wednesday, 6 June 2018


In September 2017 TUC Congress took the historic step of unanimously passing a motion on climate change, noting that it is “..driving unprecedented changes to our environment”.

The motion blamed “..incoherent UK government policy” for “..undermining measures to achieve the UK carbon reduction targets.”.

TUC General Secretary, Frances O’Grady’s statement of 5th June 2018 seems to be equally incoherent in calling for an immediate go ahead to building a third Heathrow airport runway. She advocates this because it “will create thousands of high-quality jobs and apprenticeships” and claims this will benefit local communities.

Levels of air pollution, noise pollution and associated diseases are already high around Heathrow. Those who suffer most from this are the workers in the airport, workers in its associated industries, and often their families, if they live nearby. Heathrow expansion will increase pollution and increase the number of people exposed to it.

As well as this, Heathrow expansion is will increase greenhouse gas emissions which are already exceeding UK government reduction targets.

Attempting to insist that the possible new jobs will be ‘high quality’ and paid a living wage, although a justified aim for Trades Unionists, is hardly adequate compensation for the global and local damage that is likely to be caused.

It is sad that Frances O’Grady did not take the opportunity to advocate alternatives such as the 1 million climate jobs proposals of the Campaign Against Climate Change. Thousands of high-quality jobs and apprenticeships could also be created by promoting and developing low carbon technologies and infrastructure. Furthermore, the associated community benefits need not be confined to the relatively affluent South East.

The TUC should be living up to its aim “to make the working world a better place for everyone”, not advocating retrograde proposals such as Heathrow expansion.