Saturday, 11 March 2017

Third Show Culture Some Love Conference

Dear Friend,
(A) Show Culture Some Love Conference
We are pleased to be able to announce the provisional programme of speakers for the Show Culture Some Love Conference - which is taking place on Saturday 25 March in TUC Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS. To register for the conference, please email
Conference Registration
Registration on the day will take place between 12 noon to 1.00pm. Free sandwiches and refreshments will be provided in Room 1.
Conference Programme
Megan Dobney, (SERTUC Regional Secretary) will open the conference.
(a) Main Session (1.00-2.30pm)
Chair: Clara Paillard (President, PCS Culture Sector)
·         Julie Ward, MEP
  • Alan Gibbons (The Library Campaign)
  • Hamida Ali (Equalities Officer, Equity)
  • Hannah Bagua Lawson (National Museums Wales), BECTU Picturehouse campaign and Tate campaign (from the floor) + any other “live” campaigns will be speaking from the floor.
(b) Equality Workshops (2.30-3.30pm)
(1) Race, Racism, Art & Culture
Chair: TBC
·         Zena Edwards (Shake!)
  • Emily Porter (Artists’ Union England)
  • Mitty Ranagavigan (International Slavery Museum)
  • Jennifer Lim, (“Yellowface”)
(2) Disability, Culture & Art
Chair: Mark Leopard (TUC Disabled Workers Committee)
·         Ellen Clifford (DPAC)
  • Ruth Gould (DadaFest)
  • Mik Scarlet (Equity)
(3) LGBT, Art & Culture
Chair: Theresa Easton (Artists Union England)
·         Matt Exley, PCS Branch Chair, National Museums Liverpool and Pride & Prejudice
  • Queering Museums – invited
  • John Shortell (Musicians’ Union) 
(4) Gender, Art & Culture
Chair: Rosie Hilal (Equity)
·         Andrea Cunningham, (V&A, Museum of Childhood) - invited
  • Bridget O’Conor, (Kings College, London)
  • Emma Reeves (WGGB)
The TUC Young Workers conference is being held on the same day in Congress House and a speaker has been invited to address our conference.
(c) Issues Workshops (4.00-5.00pm)
(1) Arts & campaigning
Chair: Shenagh Govan (Equity)
·         “Professionally Made, Professionally Paid” (Emmanuel de Lange, Equity)
  • “Work Not Play” (Dave Webster, MU)
  • “Free is NOT an option (Chris Jury, Writers Guild)
  • Artists Union England: invited
(2) The Arts & “Brexit”
Chair: Tracy Edwards (PCS Culture Sector)
·         Equity speaker: invited
  • Tony Lennon (BECTU)
  • Dave O’Brien (Edinburgh University)
(3) Developing and taking forward the Show Culture Some Love programme
Chair: Tom Taylor (SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee)
·         Clara Paillard (PCS)
  • Mike Quille (Culture Matters campaign)
  • Culture Unsustained campaign speaker – invited
  • Hannah Bagua Lawson (National Museums Wales)
(4) National Libraries and Museums Campaign
Chair: Candy Udwin (PCS)
This will be an open forum to discuss the next steps for the campaign following the demonstration on 5 November 2016.
(d) Closing session (5.00-5.30pm)
Chair: Tom Taylor (Secretary, SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee)
Speakers: Each workshop to appoint a speaker to report back the two action points agreed by the workshop.
(e) Social (5.30pm onwards) - Details to be confirmed.
(B) Other issues
(1) National Gallery Protest
PCS has organised a protest at the National Gallery on Monday 13 March from 6pm. This is in response to the failure of private contractor, Securitas, to honour an agreement reached with the union to offer “broadly comparable” pay, terms & conditions as part of the settlement of the 2015/16 dispute.
(2) Bread & Roses Poetry Award
Cultural Matters has announced details of its “Bread and Roses Poetry Award”. Prizes are £500 award for first place, £250 for second and £100 for third. Entries are invited by 31 May 2017. For full details see:
With best wishes,
Tom Taylor
Show Culture Some Love Campaign

Subject: Third Show Culture Some Love Conference

Dear Friend,

Please find attached the text of an announcement that has been made on Facebook (FB) in respect of the third Show Culture Some Love conference – which is being held on Saturday 25 March in TUC Congress House.

Pre-booking is essential – and you can reserve your place by emailing us at:

We are currently working to confirm speakers – and updates will be sent out in due course. Please note that we are also intending to organise a pre-conference “happening”, (further details to be confirmed), and a social at the end of the conference.

Details of the event on FB can be via the link below. Please feel free to share and to invite people to attend:

Please let me know if you need any further info.

With best wishes,

Tom Taylor
(Secretary, SERTUC Creative & leisure Industries Committee)

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