Monday, 21 November 2016

Lucas project documentary and reminder

just to let you know that you can now see the trailer for the documentary 'the plan' (a segment of which will be screened to open the conference) on the 'archive & resources' page of the website:


don't forget

The conference on the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan in Birmingham on November 26th is set to be the exciting beginning of a new initiative for arms conversion, green jobs and local democratic planning. It is being supported by a group of 16 trade union/left, green and peace organisations, the latest of which is Momentum. Highlights of the conference will include talks by former Lucas Aerospace Combine members, the screening of a new film on the Lucas Plan and many talks by leading campaigners. The workshops will be run so that there is a maximum chance for everyone to participate. Conference places are filling up fast, so BOOK NOW to make sure of your place. Please help us to publicise the conference by forwarding this message appropriately, inviting your Facebook friends, or following us on Twitter: @lucasplan40. Thanks for your help.

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