Saturday, 5 November 2016

Andreas Malm, author of Fossil Capital, will join us on Wednesday 16th November in London.

We are delighted that Andreas Malm, author of Fossil Capital, will join us on Wednesday 16th November in London. Book tickets below.

Andreas Malm will outline some of the key ideas in his book and join a conversation about the urgent need for change. Andreas Malm's brilliant book Fossil Capital suggests that the origin of the current climate crisis can be found in the coupling of fossil fuels with capitalism in 19th century industrial Britain.
More provocatively he argues that the choice of coal to power early industrial capitalism was a conscious, rather than inevitable decision. This choice and the resultant consequence of global warming, were made in order to undermine and challenge working class resistance to early 19th century capitalism. 
In the 21st century with temperatures continuing to rise and 2016 once again the hottest year on record by some margin, the issue of an alternative to Fossil Capital is more urgent than ever.
The CACC trade union group are delighted to be in conversation with Andreas Malm to discuss this question. Is there an alternative to the dangerous relationship between fossil fuels and capitalism? What does an alternative look like? Is it possible? Can trade unions play a central role? Hope you are able to join us. 

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