Thursday, 3 March 2016

Junior Doctors strikes next week

This Government wont stop until they've ripped apart our NHS beyond any recognition. The attacks on Junior Doctors contracts is part of a much wider picture. Student nurses and NHS students have had their bursaries scrapped, hospital departments have faced closure up and down the country, and they're slowly handing over chunks of our NHS to private companies.
It's all part of the Tories plan to shrink public spending across the board. Osborne has said he'll be announcing more cuts in his budget on 16 March. For the majority it's a disaster.
That's why the Junior Doctors strikes next week are absolutely crucial. It's about more than just doctors contracts - if the Government is defeated on this they can be defeated on other things too. If the strikes are going to win, everyone needs to do all they can to support them.

Here's how you can help:

1) Get down to picket lines

Next week Junior Doctors will be striking on Wednesday and Thursday. Picket lines will be at every major hospital from 8am - 6pm.

 - Organise a time now with your workmates to go down together to your nearest hospital at lunch time or after work.
 - Try and make contact with the BMA rep or any junior doctors in your local hospital in the next few days And tell them you'll be bringing people to support the strikes.
 - Speak to the union rep in your workplace about organising members to go to picket lines. If possible bring union banners, make placards, and help the doctors talk to the public about the strikes.
 - People's Assembly groups will be organising times for people to go down to the picket lines.
 - Take photos & video of your delegation and share on social media. Use hashtag #JuniorDoctorsStrike & tag us in too: @pplsassembly 
In London, the People's Assembly is working with the BMA on organing an after work rally on Wednesday evening, please bring as many people from your workplace as possible.
Assemble: 5:30pmWed 9 March, BBC HQ, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. Speakers TBA

2) March for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education, Saturday 16 April

The national demonstration on Saturday 16 April falls in between the last two strike dates (announced so far!). This is the moment to bring together tens of thousands of people from every section of society, to place demands on this Government, and fight for the alternative.
National Day of Action - Saturday 12 March
We are calling a national day of action where we are asking all our supporters to get out on the streets and help make sure the demonstration is massive. We'll be leafleting estates, streets, and shopping centres, talking to community groups, doing press stunts and more.
If you can organise something near you please get in touch. We can send you leaflets, posters, stickers and other publicity material. More info on activity will be sent out soon.
March for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education
Saturday 16 April 2016
Assemble: 1pm, Gower Street / Euston Road, London
More info here
Invite your friends on Facebook

3) London Wide Activist Meeting - Tuesday 8 March

On the eve of the doctors strikes we are organising a London wide activist meeting to plan solidarity actions for the strikes, plus talking about how you can get involved in helping with the national demonstration. If you're in London, please do come along.
Supporting the strikes & mobilising a mass demonstration on 16 April
6:30pm, Hamilton House, Maybledon Place, London WC1H 9BJ (Tubes: Euston / Kings Cross).
Please confirm your attendance on Facebook or reply to this email

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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